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November 07
Kerala - Gods Own Country. Destination Munnar.
On the way one crosses the Matupetty Dam. The lake makes you forget the lake sides of Zurich and the Lake District in England. Matupetty is far more beautiful. The only difference is that we have still not exploited the commercial value of the place without despoiling it.  

Munnar itself is a picturesque town perched on the side of a tea clad mountain. Its main attraction is its climate and the scenic view which changes with every minute of the day.

Camp Noel is a resort some 40 kilometers from Munnar. The first 30 kilometers till Top Station winds its way through banks of Flower Gardens, river and Lake views,  verdant valleys, waterfalls and the ever present Tea Gardens. The last seven kilometers is an off road journey in a four wheel drive. It t is a roller coaster drive which has you heart in your mouth. Definitely not a journey for the faint hearted. 

The end of the journey erases all the misery of the last forty minutes. Emperor Humayun has obviously not been here or he would have revised his opinion of Kashmir being heaven on earth. 

Camp Noel is everything a resort should be. The individual cottages are well appointed and are laid out at a distance from one another ensuring your privacy. Each cottage has a Living room, a Dining Room and a Bedroom. Kitchen facilities are provided in each cottage. The log fire place in each Living room is  cozy and provides wonderful warmth in the chilly evenings.

The service in the resort is welcoming and there is a smile on every face. The restaurant menu is sizeable and the dishes tasty and in good quantity. The Breakfast offerings are varied and amazingly tasty.

For those who depend on their mobiles, beware. There is no network in the resort though landlines do connect you with the world. There is also free WIFI in the lobby.

What does one do here? There are treks for the adventurous but I recommend that you Relax, Relax and Relax. Keep treating your senses to the beauty of nature as it spreads its arms wide to welcome you.

Camp Noel is a holiday that demands to be repeated.

September 28

​Everywhere I go I am asked a similiar question. Do Indians hate Pakistanis? What is your attitude towards us? How can either of us hate one another when we are two sides of the same pod? I am perfectly at home here as will be every Pakistani in India. Yet there are artificial barriers created to keep us seperate. Every non political citizen and a lot of politicians I am sure here in Karachi understands this. 

Pakistan does not have a strong middle class which could do a Anna Hazare here. Sad.  Like the Berlin Wall, it is about time that we take down these barriers and live freely with one another. Amen to that thought.

September 26
Karachi Diary Day 2

​Went for my reporting to the Police, (Such harrasment on both sides of the border where I am presumed guilty just because I want to visit the country). A five miniute job stretched to three hours and that after a hefty gift. 

Karachi is warm and the people warmer. And am perfectly at home here as I am sure will be every Karachite in Mumbai. With a big plus. The sea front is clean and great for swimming. Went with my hosts to one of their famous "huts" on the sea front. It is a different matter that the huts are each like a mini bungalow with all amenities. 

Ameena and Zarine arrived from Toronto and the complement is now complete. It is a round of festviites day long with our hosts Nafisa and Hasnain leaving no stone unturned to make us comfortable. 

September 24

​It has taken me half a life time to travel 550 kms; a flight lasting one hour twenty miniutes; to finally lay my eyes on Karachi,the city which was once known as the most beautiful city in Asia.  And whatever may have been my intial apprehensions, I was welcomed into a warm gracious city

Sikander at the airport was a welcome surprise. Memories three decades old came uncorked, pleasant thoughts and warm embraces erased the loss of these past years. Meeting Shaheena, My cousin and Sikander's wife. along with all her children was the icing on the top of a beautiful day. It was specially great to meet my dear Guddi, Shaheena's daughter.

So welcome to Karachi.

September 11
Meeting Old Friends

​The Highlight of my Delhi trip was not that I met First Secretary of the Pakistan High Commission Adnan Maral but that I met three old members of my extended family. 

The First was Krishan Tuli, my God Father. Meeting him and hugging him brought back my carefree childhood where people like him were always around to care for me through all my bad times and to pat me on my back through my sucesses. Thank you Krishan Uncle and Great to have you back in my life. He is now the last Senior in my life.

Also met Wing Commander Praful Bakshi, my brother in law, husband of my namesake Pappoo. Praful treated us to a nice lunch at the India International Center and we went down memory lane erasing the loss of the past twelve years.

Finally met Brigadier Amarjeet Singh, his charming and loving wife, Tiny (Kanwarjit Singh) his son and Kanwal his Bahu. A great family and I am truly blessed to have friends like them.

August 28
Sophia Rahim - My daughters Birthday

Today, the 28th of August 2011 seems to be the right day to start this Blog. I remember this day with such clarity. The day Sophia was born.

But I had an inclination that a beautiful girl was to be born to me on the 26th of December of the previous year when I had a near death experience on the Jodhpur/Jaiselmer Highway. Our van had a bad crash and I saw myself floating over the crash. My Cameraman, his assistant and Chief Electrician all lay below me along with my sprawled body. At this moment a voice spoke in my ears; words I have never forgotten. The voice belonged to a girl: Daddy, she said. You cannot die. You have to Live for me.

And here I am to celebrate yet another birthday with her. It has been a long journey and all of it has been memorale for no one can ask or a daughter warmer and loving than Sophia. Thank you my dear for making my life so much more beautiful. Once I leave finally, I shall have the solace knowing that I leave a wnderful person in my stead behind. Love You.

August 19
Newly designed Web Site

​Have just taken a test trial of the newly designed web site for Rahim Farms. Please come and enjoy it and give me your views.

August 03
Welcome to Rahim's Blog

Hi There, 

This blog is all about my ideas on the emu birds, hydroloysis and other related things.

Check out for daily updates.

Thanks for visiting the blog.


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About this blog
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